Carmot Communications

C-Level Communications

Companies that seek to lead their sector participate in the larger social debate on issues that impact their operations. Getting your message out means mastering multiple platforms. Carmot can provide:

  • Oped writing
  • Speechwriting
  • Testimony drafting and prep
  • White Paper research, drafting and editing
  • TV and Radio Interview/Q&A and Sound Bite prep

IR Communications

Strategic consistency means aligning C-level communications with all forms of company messaging. Carmot can provide:

  • Annual Report Content and MD&A, drafting and editing
  • Corporate Business Plan, drafting and editing
  • Pitch Package, product/project rollout, drafting and editing
  • Road Show presentations, drafting and editing

Social Media Messaging

Real-time online advocacy is a key element of every communications campaign today. Carmot can provide:

  • Blogging and Issue Management
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Website Content/SEO optimization, drafting and editing

Writing Workshops

Carmot principal Daniel McGroarty offers custom-developed writing workshops for corporate executives, government officials, policy advocates, associations, embassy policy staff and international MBA students. Intensive and issue-oriented – with exercises tailored to each group’s real-world work experiences – the workshops are conducted across two days, to allow participants time to process, practice and receive individual feedback. To ensure individual attention, groups are capped at 12 participants.

To schedule a workshop, contact us.

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