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Carmot helps companies…

…Leverage the Marketplace of Ideas.

Companies today can find their market opportunities constrained or enlarged by decision-makers at all levels of government. Carmot assesses its clients’ public policy profile – and improves that profile in ways consistent with their business interests. Carmot’s Policy Positioning practice connects clients to think tanks and thought leaders in government and out, to translate the client’s commercial concerns into the larger marketplace of ideas.

…Connect to the Bigger Story.

Headlines compress individual pieces of information into the stories that shape our world. The human mind works the same way. Understanding how your Company will be categorized in these larger contexts can be key to its ability to advance. In its Issues Management Campaigns, Carmot draws on professionals with deep experience in policy, communications and strategy to help clients connect to the “bigger story.”

…Send a Strong Signal.

All messaging is a matter of setting strategic priorities, and then telling your story in a way that’s clear, credible and compelling. Carmot shapes your message – drawing on expertise forged at the White House and employed for Fortune 50 companies as well as industry upstarts, to devise a message that drives strategy and creates investor value.

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